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'76 Pro Supply Chain: 2023 New Products and Familiar Favorites

December 19, 2022 by Peter Rogoz

It’s been a difficult couple of years, but ‘76 Pro Line has been working hard to secure and maintain a line-up of awesome new products as well as bring back old favorites with an emphasis on improving our inventory supply chain. Here’s a breakdown of what we expect to be available in 2023:

  1. You asked and we listened! Our classic series of affordable ‘76 Pro Line 50mm mines, comets, slices, sweeps, and special effects are in production and are expected in Spring of 2023! Look for exact availability and details as these products hit our warehouse in Spring of 2023.

  2. The iShot System by Monetti is on its way! Components are currently in production and we expect to debut a full echo system of products, including iShot compatible single shots, by early March. iShot is the single greatest innovation in fireworks that we have ever seen. It’s going to give you weeks of your life back. It’s so good it makes me want to cry. Look for more details about iShot in February.

  3. 1000 gram 1.4G cakes are coming! We’ve got a great selection of action-packed heavy hitters with high shot counts, long durations, and incredible sky filling effects on the way. Take your shows to the next level without the hassle of 1.3G regulatory constraints! Look for details by Spring of 2023. Please Note: 1000 gram cakes are for professional use only.

  4. It’s Hammer Time! We’ve got your finales covered with maximum load 1.4G reports that will hammer the sky! Our series of Hammer products should be hitting our warehouse in Spring of 2023. Please Note: Hammer (salute/report) products are for professional use only.

  5. ‘76 Pro Line Italia is expanding! We have even more premium, no-debris comets, mines, multi shot plates, and special effects, including iShot compatible items, coming from Giuliani Fireworks, our exclusive partner in Italy! Look for ‘76 Italia Products coming to a stadium, festival, or stage near you! Please Note: ‘76 Pro Line Italia products are for professional use only.

‘76 Pro Line is dedicated to continually improving our supply chain and bringing you a vast selection and steady supply of premium quality, affordable fireworks for your displays.

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