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Now Available: 1000-Gram Cakes, Hammer/Salute Cakes & More

MAY 2023 - We're excited to inform everyone that we have a bunch of new ‘76 Pro Line items now available, with more coming very soon.

Highlights include our all-new 1000-gram multi shot category, new Salute (aka “Hammer”) cakes, and several ‘76 Pro Line favorites now back in stock.

Please see the list below to start shopping:

1000 Gram Cakes (in stock now)

Hammer Cake (pre-order now available)

Click links below to shop:

‘76 Pro Line Restocks (pre-order now available)

Click links below to shop:

Stay tuned for our next product arrival announcement.

We'd also like to say a big Thank You to all who could join us for our Spring Demo on April 22nd at our facilities in mid-Missouri. Despite the cold snap (good ol’ Midwest spring weather), we had a phenomenal turnout and enjoyed one hell of a night filled with pyro. You can watch the demo recording, and the MO Fireworks Club Choreography Showdown that followed, on our Youtube channel. Thanks for reading! Stay green,

Peter Rogoz | ‘76 Pro Line Vice President

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