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Spirit of '76 Fireworks at Sky Wars 2021

The '76 Fireworks team attended Sky Wars in September 2021. Here are the highlights!

Grand Finale Display by Spirit of '76

Please enjoy our Sky Wars 16th Annual Fireworks Championship finale display, "Concert in the Sky" shot on September 25, 2021 in Wright City, Missouri.


This show was produced in partnership with Stellar Fireworks. It features '76 Pro Line 1.4g/pro devices, 1.3g shells and Galaxis flame units via Stellar Fwks, a 360 PyroLama unit, twelve towers mounted with three DMX LED lights each, and a DMX Circle FX-1800 Flamer unit courtesy of Cobra Firing Systems. We used a total of 73 Cobra mods (63 pyro mods + 10 DMX mods).

We'd like to thank our army of over 50 dedicated volunteers and "Pyro Supervisors", many from Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians (KCAP), who assisted in pre-show planning, logistics, on-site setup, and cleanup.

Behind The Scenes

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at "Concert in the Sky", our fireworks display at Sky Wars on September 25, 2021 in Wright City, Missouri.

Fireball Compilation

Here is a compilation of the fireballs put on by the Fireball Dudes.

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