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Italia, iShots, Slices, and More

JUNE 2023 by Peter Rogoz

Slices and sweeps are ALMOST here! We are monitoring their arrival date closely and will let you know if any land before July 4th. That said, expect a full restock of your favorite slices and sweeps by mid-July.

We also have another shipment of '76 Pro Line Italia products coming this July with new colors and effects. We have improved the cap for an even cleaner performance and select single shots will be available with iShot compatibility. For those needing a high quality, no debris product for your stadium or outdoor stage applications, '76 Pro Line Italia is what you’re looking for!

Finally, the iShot® Plug & Fire system is here! The first batch was so popular that we sold out immediately, but plenty more products are on their way from Italy and China.

After running some time trials with customers at Cobra Con, we can confirm that the iShot system is 5 TIMES FASTER than conventional matches. Cheers to having your summer back!

iShot is being offered on a first come, first served basis. If you’d like to learn more and join our waitlist, please visit

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