Now Available: '76 Pro Line ITALIA

Updated: May 12

Our first product launch of '76 Pro Line ITALIA is here! These items are on the water and available for purchase.

'76 Pro Line ITALIA products are premium 1.4G devices manufactured in Italy. They feature incredibly vibrant colors and are manufactured to the highest European standards for extremely consistent performance.

This first product release consists of Professional Use 30mm and 50mm no-debris Comets and Mines. These single shots feature water-resistant plastic tube construction and an e-match port. They are compatible with the PyroLamas and 76 Slider Plate racking systems.

These items are on the water now and are available for purchase on the Spirit of '76 website. They are expected to arrive at our warehouse in late May / early June 2022, and are now.

Download the file below to see the list of items in the first product launch:

76 Pro Line ITALIA catalog - coming soon (1)
Download PDF • 1.31MB

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