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Just Arrived: '76 Pro Line ITALIA

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Our first product launch of '76 Pro Line ITALIA is here! These Italian fireworks have arrived at our Missouri warehouse and are now available for purchase.

Watch our production reel shot June 2022 at our facility in mid-Missouri:

What is '76 Pro Line ITALIA?

'76 Pro Line ITALIA products are premium 1.4G devices (UN0431 designation) manufactured in Italy. These devices feature plastic, water-resistant tubes and have no fallout, making them suitable for outdoor proximate applications. They have incredibly vibrant colors and are manufactured to the highest European standards for extremely consistent performance.


2022 Production: 30mm / 50mm Comets & Mines

This first product release consists of Professional Use 30mm and 50mm no-debris Comets and Mines. These single shots feature water-resistant plastic tube construction and an e-match port. They are compatible with the PyroLamas and 76 Slider Plate racking systems.

We were impressed by the bright colors and significant heights during our June 2022 production shoot. The Comets reached around 200-250 ft and the height of the Mines ranged from 75-125 ft.

These items have arrived at our warehouse and are available for purchase on the Spirit of '76 website.

See images below from our supplier in Italy.


How to Electronically Fire '76 ITALIA Devices

Here's how to e-match the 2022 production 30mm Comets and 30mm/50mm Mines:


How to Purchase '76 Pro Line ITALIA

To purchase these items, your account must have Pro Use Authorization. Here's how to get Pro Use authorization or update your expired authorization:

  • Learn about our Pro Use Authorization and download the form at

  • [Video] How to upload your completed Pro Use Authorization documents

Download the file below to see the list of items in the first product launch:

76 Pro Line ITALIA catalog - coming soon (1)
Download PDF • 1.31MB

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