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Behind the scenes at Western Winter Blast (WWB 2020)

The '76 team attended Western Pyrotechnic Association's Western Winter Blast from February 13-16, 2020 in Lake Havasu, Arizona. We shot two displays, tried out a few things we'd never tried before, and had several awesome volunteers on-site to help.

On February 14, we shot a 6-minute pyromusical for Valentine's Day featuring the song "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" by Meat Loaf.

For this display, we configured a PyroLama 360-degree set up to shoot single-shot devices in a 360 pattern at the front of the track. Dan Haines told Peter Rogoz about it in the video below.

The PyroLama 360 turned out awesome! It featured 24 PyroLama profiles (PL112) mounted together using the 360 support (PL129) with single-shot gerbs mounted on using X-holders (PL111A) and '76-holders (PL110A). For the show, it was mounted onto a simple wooden structure about 14ft off the ground so the audience could see the full effect.

Another thing we tried for the very first time was utilizing letter racks. We used two letter racks to spell out the numbers "7" and "6" in the sky at the end of the Valentine's Day show, featuring 30mm mines specially designed to be shot out from letter racks. Dan wanted to try the racks at WWB to see how they performed before continuing to develop them for future sales.

The Valentine's Day show came together beautifully - see the full show on YouTube or in our Display Showcase. Find the show files in our Display Resources section.

We shot a National Anthem show the next evening. This display featured yet another project we'd never done before: a lance set piece.

Ken Hough took this project on. The set piece was designed to look like an American flag. Ken built a wooden frame that had 13 sections with 31 holes across each for the lance devices. He assembled the stand on-site and painted the frame with flame-retardant paint before having some helpers fit the lance in red (SE451), white (SE452), and blue (SE453).

The flag set piece looked quite impressive and really pulled the National Anthem display together. See the full show on YouTube or in our Display Showcase.

We're pleased to have had the opportunity to shoot shows and showcase our product at Western Winter Blast this year. Thanks to Western Pyrotechnic Association for putting on WWB 2020 and thanks to our volunteers who helped make our shows possible!

You can shop fireworks and equipment at Find the show files for many of our previous shows in our Display Resources section.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video of our WWB 2020 adventures below.

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