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’76 Pro Line Consumer Closeout Sale

We are discontinuing our line of 1.4G UN0336 Consumer Fireworks ’76 Pro Line products. Get them now in our Closeout Sale before they’re all gone with this incredible closeout deal!

This is NOT goodbye forever to those consumer effects; we’re simply transitioning them from our “pro line” branding. Your favorite consumer ’76 Pro Line items, like Supernova Shells, 9 Shot Nishiki Kamuro, and 20 Shot Waterfall Horsetail will be available starting in 2024 under a brand new ’76 Show Series label! Stand by for a full announcement on those products; click here to receive updates.

Until then, take advantage of your favorite ’76 Pro Line consumer fireworks in the classic Pro Line packaging! Shop for them while supplies last in our Closeout section.

And don’t worry, ’76 Pro Line is definitely not going away. On the contrary, we will continue expanding our full lineup of ’76 Pro Line UN0431/UN0336 Professional Use Only products with more incredible single shots, slices, cakes, gerbs, and other exciting products than ever before!

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