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'76 Pro Line 2023 Product Arrival Schedule

February 2023 by Peter Rogoz - Containers of ‘76 Pro Line Products are starting to sail and we have products arriving as early as next month!

Stay tuned for more product arrival announcements in February as factories return from the Chinese New Year holiday.

Arrived in February 2023 (ready to order!):

Coming later in February 2023:

Coming in March 2023:

  • iShot components including bases, igniters, interfaces, and racks

Coming in April/May/June 2023:

  • Single shot Comets and Mines

  • FanSlices & FanSweeps

  • '76 Pro Line Italia products

  • 200 gram cakes

  • 1000 gram cakes

  • Hammer cakes

More details to come as we get shipping confirmations! Stay up to date with our newsletter.

Click here to shop our current inventory.

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