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'76 Pro Line Partners with Italian Industry Leaders

November 14, 2022 by Peter Rogoz

There are tons of exciting developments in store for the ‘76 Pro Line including lots of new products and solutions from our Italian partners to make fireworks life easier, faster, and more fun than ever!

In 2022, we were proud to debut ‘76 Pro Line Italia products, a selection of premium single shots produced in Italy to the highest standards in the industry. Spirit of ‘76 has since established an exclusive partnership with Giuliani Fireworks, our manufacturer in Italy, to bring even more incredible products to the USA market. I’ve seen a lot of fireworks made in a lot of places, and I can say with confidence that these are some of the finest in the world.

Giuliani Fireworks has been producing spectacular pyrotechnic effects for generations out of their family owned factory outside of Toffia, a small village about 60 km north east of Rome. Nestled on a picturesque hillside surrounded by olive trees, the factory adheres to the typical Italian tradition of limited but exquisite production driven by extraordinary passion and dedication. Marco Giuliani, the current owner and manager, is committed to delivering nothing less than innovative effects, incredible performance and impeccable consistency.

Spirit of ‘76 is proud to be partnered with such an incredible pyrotechnic artisan and we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you new Italia effects like tourbillons, whistles, reports, strobes and the best color changing stars ever made to enhance your fireworks displays.

We are also continuing to develop and improve high quality, no-debris single shot comets, mines, and multishot plates for our display company and FX customers shooting at stadiums and outdoor proximate events. Look for improved performance, built in igniters, and more color combinations coming in 2023!

Single-shot comets and mines including '76 Pro Line ITALIA are available now - click here to browse.

I’m also very excited to announce that Spirit of ‘76 is now the exclusive distributor of iShot products in the USA. Developed by Monetti Srl, iShot is a revolutionary new ignition and racking system that is designed to cut single shot set up times by more than 10X while enhancing safety and ease of use.

Once in a long while, a product comes along that has the potential to save marriages and iShot is one of those products. Like most pyros, I regularly have nightmares about setting up and plugging in thousands of single shots. Row after row. Hour after hour. Tube after tube. Grab, place, unwind, plug. Your mind wanders aimlessly as your calloused fingers instinctively unravel an endless stream of tangled wires. Grab, place, unwind, plug.

“How do these get so messed up?” you wonder to yourself as a song you've heard at least twice today plays in the background, verifying your theory that the radio station just loops a three hour playlist. Grab, place, unwind, plug.

Will you ever leave this workshop? Will you ever see your family again? Grab, place, unwind, plug. The sun sets outside. The world goes on without you. Grab… place….unwind…..plug.

With iShot, it all goes away. No more staying late to get the job done. No more missed BBQ’s to finish wiring. No more owed favors to your friends for making them toil away in your shed-turned temporary 4th of July sweatshop. Too good to be true?Leave it to the Italians to introduce a little of “La dolce vita” to the fireworks world.

New iShot components are currently in production and will be available in early 2023. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming very soon!

- Peter Rogoz, VP of '76 Pro Line

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