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4th Annual MO Fireworks Club Showdown

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

The 4th annual MO Fireworks Club Showdown, also known as the Pyromusical Artistry & Design Competition, took place following the Spirit of '76 Spring Demo on April 27, 2019 in Columbia, MO.

Kansas City Area Pyrotechnics (KCAP) and Missouri Pyrotechnics Associations (MoPyro) competed for glory, honor, and a badass fireworks trophy by presenting professional 4-7 minute fireworks displays set to music. Each display featured primarily '76 Pro Line effects, plus other products offered by Spirit of '76.

The competition was sponsored by Cobra Firing Systems and Finale Fireworks 3D software. Each show was scripted with Finale software, fired using Cobra 18M modules, and cost $2500 in Spirit of '76 Gold product pricing. The winning prize (in addition to the fireworks trophy & plaque) included two 1-year licenses for Finale 3D Hobbyist Version and a $500 product credit with Spirit of '76. The runner-up prize included a 1-year license for Finale 3D Hobbyist Version.

This year, KCAP was crowned the winner! See their display below.

MoPyro also brought the heat with their pyromusical - watch below.

The decision was a tough one. KCAP's display won by just 1 point! This makes the two clubs tied 2-2 for the annual competition, and we can't wait to see who will take the title at next year's showdown.

Show Details

2019 - MO Fireworks Club Showdown - KCAP (Winner) - By Pyro Josh

Duration: 7m

Devices: 506

Launch Positions: 26

Cobra 18m Mods: 40

Product Cost: $2500 (Gold)

View show files

2019 - MO Fireworks Club Showdown - MoPyro (Runner Up) - By Archer

Duration: 8m

Devices: 658

Cobra 18m Mods: 43

Product Cost: $2500 (Gold)

View show files

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