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30th Grand Public Display - Western Winter Blast 2019

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

The pyromusical "The Greatest Show on Earth" was shot by Spirit of ’76 (1.4g effects) and AM Pyrotechnics (1.3g effects) for the closing ceremony of the Grand Public Display at Western Pyrotechnics Association’s 30th annual Western Winter Blast in Lake Havasu City, AZ on February 16, 2019.

The 1.4 section of this show was scripted by Daniel Haines and features 76 Pro Line ( items as well as other products from Spirit of '76. The show used a total of 76 Cobra modules (18M) spread across the 95 Havasu Speedway and took 3 days to set up on-site.

View show files for the display.

Also featured in this display was a Maltese wheel provided by Jackie Whedbee-Mattingly in remembrance of Larry Mattingly. The wheel shows up at the 6 minute mark.

See behind the scenes of the prep work and setup for this giant show:

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