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10 New Pro Line Fireworks for July 2020 - '76 Pro Line

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Through a whirlwind of uncertainty and rapidly changing news on the Chinese production of fireworks, we're excited to finally announce some of the new products in the '76 Pro Line this season.

The following items are in stock or will be ready to ship in time for 4th of July displays.

GM643 12s R/W/B Dahlia Assortment (30sec), packed 1/3

Vibrant red, white, and blue 12-shot dahlias, each lasting 30 seconds.

GM693D 30s RWB Bouquet (25sec), packed 4/1

This item fires 6 barrages of 5 shots soft-breaking white strobe w/ vibrant red/white/blue color pistils.

GM405 12s Finale Box: Nishiki Kamuro (instant), packed 4/1

Everyone loves Nishiki this season! Claim 'em before they're gone.

GM433B 36s Finale Box: FAN R/W/B Peony & Quick Crackle Asst (6sec), packed 4/1

4 different fan cakes - 1) red peonies 2) white peonies 3) blue peonies 4) quick crackle. Duration: 6 sec per cake.

GM427B 36s Finale Box: FAN Red Peony (6sec), packed 4/1

GM428B 36s Finale Box: FAN White Peony (6sec), packed 4/1

GM429B 36s Finale Box: FAN Blue Peony (6sec), packed 4/1

36 shots of top-quality red, white, or blue peonies shot in a fan.

GM416B 36s Finale Box: FAN Timerain Crackle (6sec), packed 4/1

36 shots of crackle fire continuously. Fills the air with noise!

GM416A 36s Timerain Crackle (20sec), packed 6/1 (PRO USE ONLY)

This Pro Use Only version has minimal tube spacing to save on freight & comes packed 6/1 over the standard 4/1 packing.

MS496 12s Finale Box: RWB Peony (instant), packed 8/1

A patriotic display of red, white, and blue peonies simultaneously filling the sky.


FS131 - 24 Gauge Shooters Wire (1000ft Yellow) FS132 - 22 Gauge Shooters Wire (1000ft Pink) FS133 - 24 Gauge Shooters Wire (500ft Yellow) FS134 - 24 Gauge Shooters Wire (500ft Black) FS135 - 22 Gauge Shooters Wire (500ft Pink) FS139 - Seminole Wire Spool Handle

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