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2017 NFA Expo - '76 Pro Line Demo

'76 ProLine Fireworks Demo at 2017 NFA Expo

Items used:

SE117 Assorted Flames (30sec) 0:12

MS512 12s Silver Swirl Aerial (15sec) 1:12

MS434 25s Falling Leaves Assortment 1:36

MS510 16s Bushy Comet Assortment 2:00

GM484 12s R/W/B Peony (40sec) 2:39

GM438 36s R/W/B Peony (25sec) 2:50

GM483 12s Multi-Color Peony (40sec) 3:21

GM437 36s Multi-Color Peony (25sec) 3:34

GM487 10s Super Silver Flash (40sec) 4:06

MS480 16s Silver Flash 4:21

GM690 12s Double Timerain Crackle (40sec) 4:55

GM691 9s Nishiki Kamurro (40sec) 5:39

GM426 20s Pixie Dust Waterfall (25sec) 6:29

GM486A 49s Lemon & Purple Go Getters (30sec) 7:00

GM490 49s Red Go Getters (20sec 2017) 7:00

GM486 49s Red & Green Go Getters (30sec) 7:00

CM201 Red Star Comet 7:45

CM202 Blue Star Comet 7:48

CM203 Green Star Comet 7:49

CM204 Yellow Star Comet 7:52

CM205 Purple Star Comet 7:54

CM234 Orange Star Comet 7:56

CM232 Aqua Comet 7:59

CM206 Pink Comet 8:01

CM233 White Star Comet 8:03

CM209 Silver Cascade Comet 8:05

CM210 Gold Wave Comet 8:07

CM212 Golden Rain Comet w/ Blue Mine 8:15

CM214 Silver Cascade Comet w/ Red Mine 8:19

CM215 Twilight Glitter Comet w/ Multicolor Mine 8:22

MN201 Red Mine 8:31

MN202 Blue Mine 8:33

MN203 Green Mine 8:35

MN204 Yellow Mine 8:37

MN205 Purple Mine 8:39

MN207 Orange Mine 8:40

MN208 Aqua Mine 8:42

MN206 Brocade Mine 8:44

MN237 Silver Cascade Mine 8:46

MN232 Diamond Whistles Mine 8:53

MN233 Red Hummer Mine 8:55

MN210 Red GoGetter Mine 8:58

MN211 Green GoGetter Mine 9:00

MN220 Tourbillion w/ Purple GoGetters Mine 9:03

MN230 Silver Palm Crossette Mine 9:05

MN231 Purple to Green Star Crosette Mine 9:09

SE200 13s FanSweep Crossette Assortment 9:29

SE220 13s FanSweep Golden Rain Comet w/ Blue Mine 9:47

SE221 13s FanSweep Silver Cascade Comet w/ Red Mine 9:52

SE222 13s FanSweep Twilight Glitter Comet w/ Multicolor Mine 9:56

SE223 13s FanSweep Gold Wave Comet w/ Gold Wave Mine 10:02

SE224 13s FanSweep Silver Cascade Comet 10:05

SE163 11s SuperSweep Slilver Cascade Comet w/ Red Mine 10:13

SE164 11s SuperSweep Twilight Glitter Comet w/ Multicolor Mine 10:19

SE165 11s SuperSweep Golden Rain Comet w/ Blue Mine 10:23

SE166 11s SuperSweep Gold Wave w/ Gold Wave Mine 10:28

SE301 7s FanSlice Crackling Comet w/ Crackling Mine 10:43

SE302 7s FanSlice B, G, P, Y Mines w/ Twilight Glitter Comet 10:49

SE303 7s FanSlice R & B Mines w/ Silver Cascade Comet 10:53

SE304 7s FanSlice Golden Rain Comet w/ Blue Mine 10:59

SE305 7s FanSlice Gld Wave Comet w/ Gold Wave Mine 11:03

SE306 7s FanSlice Silver Cascade Comet w/ Silver Cascade Mine 11:09

SE320 7s FanSlice Silver Swirl (30mm) 11:18

SE342 7s FanSlice Red Bombard w/ R Tail w/ R Mine 11:28

SE343 7s FanSlice Blue Bombard w/ B Tail w/ B Mine 11:34

SE344 7s FanSlice Green Bombard w/ G Tail w/ G Mine 11:38

SE345 7s FanSlice Yellow Bombard w/ Y Tail w/ Y Mine 11:42

SE346 7s FanSlice Purple Bombard w/ P Tail w/ P Mine 11:47

SE347 7s FanSlice Pink Bombard w/ P Tail w/ P Mine 11:51

SE348 7s FanSlice Orange Bombard w/ O Tail w/ O Mine 11:55

SE349 7s FanSlice Aqua Bombard w/ A Tail w/ A Mine 11:59

SE350 7s FanSlice Silver Bombard w/ S Tail w/ S Mine 12:03

MN120 40mm Photo Flash Mine 12:09

SE230 13s FanSweep PhotoFlash (FNL) 12:14

SE351 7s FanSlice Photo Flash Bombard (30mm) 12:23

TB410 RWB Strobe Peony (Single Shot) 12:45

TB411 Multicolor Dahlia (Single Shot) 12:48

TB412 Brocade Crown (Single Shot) 12:51

TB413 Timerain Crackle (Single Shot) 12:54

TB414 Silver Strobe 12:58

RL228 Supernova Cans R, W, B Glitter 13:17

RL229 Supernova Cans White Glitter 13:20

RL230 Supernova Cans Crackle 13:25

RL231 Supernova Cans Gold Willow 13:28

MS513 12s Humming Snakes (5sec) 14:18

MS497 12s Finale Box: Color Stars (5sec) 14:22

MS498 12s Finale Box: Crackle (5sec) 14:27

GM364A 36s Humming Snakes (8sec) 14:32

GM404 12s Finale Box: RWB (5sec) 14:38

GM403 12s Finale Box: Brocade Crown (5sec) 14:40

GM424 12s Finale Box: Timerain Crackling (5sec) 14:44

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