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15 Amazing Consumer Cakes for Fireworks Displays

When designing a fireworks show, pairing consumer products with professional effects can add a flair of creativity and uniqueness.

Here's a list of our favorite consumer multi-shot cakes to use in choreographed fireworks shows. All are currently in stock at

Fan & Zipper Cakes

Western Sky - Brothers

Alternating red dahlia mines lead up to red dahlias with brocade mines to brocade. 30 shots.

Backyard King - Sky Bacon

Purple & green comets and crackling mines lead to colorful breaks. 45 shots.

Flood Red - Brothers

Red crackling willow mines start things off, and red crackling stars finish the show. 61 shots.

Greenheads - Realtree Fireworks

Crackling mines with crackling tails up to green strobe breaks. 15 shots.

Neon Skies - Shogun

Multicolored neon mines and multicolored neon dahlia breaks followed by gold glitter stars. 25 shots.

500 Gram Cakes

Premium Color - Sky Bacon

Includes Premium Red, Premium Green, Premium Lemon, and Premium Purple. 9 shot assortment.

Wings of Fire - Winda

A steady pace of brocade mine to brocade breaks keep the night sky covered in gold for 30 seconds. 30 shots.

Snow Trax - Realtree Fireworks

Single-effect cake of large, white strobing breaks. 10 shots.

Rolled Gold - Brothers

An all-gold cake with no crackle. 48 shots.

It's A Buck / It's A Doe - Realtree Fireworks

Designed for gender reveals, these single-effect cakes are great for backyard shows. 26 shots.

200 Gram Cakes

99 Red Balloons - Sky Bacon

Silver glittering mines lead up to red and silver glittering stars. 16 shots.

Pretty In Pink - Shogun

Pink and gold strobe mines up to pink and gold strobe breaks. 16 shots.

Whistling Dixie - Winda

Whistling silver tail to chrysanthemum with white strobe. 25 shots.

Martin Bombers - Brothers

Silver glittering tails to silver bouquets. 16 shots.

Criss Cross - Winda

Very bright red, purple, yellow and green crossettes. 16 shots.

Bonus: Artillery Shells & Tube Racks

Yin Yang - Winda

Tube rack. Each shot is half-and-half color-changing peonies with brocade rings. 9 shots.

Knockout Brocade - Brothers

Tube rack with enormous gold willow breaks. 9 shots.

Quest - Brothers

60-gram canister shells labeled for effect.

Hellcat Cans - Sky Bacon

1.75" canisters. Premium artillery shells each labeled for effect.

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