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iShot Plug & Fire patented by Monetti
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Easy. Fast. Safe.

Coming 2023 to the U.S.A. through Spirit of '76 Fireworks.

About iShot® Plug & Fire

The iShot® Plug & Fire system developed by Monetti Srl is a paradigm shift in setting up single shot pyrotechnics. 

Reduce set-up time up to 90% for single shot fireworks devices! The iShot® system is compatible with all firing systems currently on the market.

Spirit of '76 Fireworks is the exclusive distributor of the iShot® base and system for the pyrotechnics market in the United States. Product development is underway for Spring 2023 distribution.

  • What is iShot®?
    iShot® is a revolutionary new way to set up single shot products that is 10x faster than traditional E-Matches and racks.
  • How does iShot® work?
    iShot® products combine the igniter installation, product security, and plugging of igniters into one movement to save enormous amounts of time. Think of it as combining your rack and slat/firing module into one solution.
  • What components make up iShots?
    Plugs - iShot® compatible single shots are built with a special plug that is installed at the factory. Igniters - iShot® igniters are designed to plug directly into the iShot® plugs that are installed into single shots. Bases - iShot® bases are installed onto your racks and are wired directly into your slat, module, or interface. Once bases are wired in, you never have to worry about plugging in wires again. Interfaces - Bases can be wired into an interface that allows you to plug your iShot® system directly into your firing system via a slat cable or connector. Racks - We have ready made racks that have bases installed and can be fitted with an interface for your preferred firing system. Alternatively, iShot® bases can be installed onto racks you already own.
  • Can I adapt my regular single shot products to work with iShot®?
    No, in order to use the iShot® system, single shots must have the specialty plugs installed at the factory.
  • Where can I buy iShot® equipment?
    Spirit of ‘76 is the exclusive distributor of iShot® equipment in the USA. We will have bases, racks, igniters, and iShot® single shots in stock in 2023!
  • Where can I buy iShot® single shot products?
    Spirit of ‘76 stocks a full line of single shot items in a wide variety of effects from ‘76 Pro Line and ‘76 Pro Line Italia. iShot® single shots coming Spring 2023! Be sure to join our waitlist to be the first to hear when they become available.
  • When will iShot® be available?
    iShot® equipment will be available starting in late May 2023! Be sure to join our waitlist to be the first to hear when they become available.
  • How much does it cost?
    iShot® single shots and igniters are the same price as traditional single shots and igniters, so your consumable prices will not change. iShot® bases are estimated to cost around $20 each, but they only need to be purchased once.
  • Are the igniters regulated?
    iShot® igniters are available with unregulated MJG Firewire initiator heads installed, making them an unregulated product.
  • What firing systems does it work with?
    iShot® bases can be fitted to work with any firing system. Bases can be wired directly into any firing system module. Alternatively, interfaces currently exist for Cobra, FireOne, StarFire, Galaxis, Explo, and more.
  • Is iShot® waterproof?
    Yes, iShot® bases are designed to be used outdoors in various conditions, including rain. iShot®s will function if wet or even submerged. Click here to see a video of a prototype being waterproof tested.
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